Rescheduling mortgage lending prior to expiry of fixed interest rate | Debt repayment of mortgage lending before the end of the fixed interest period

Premature termination of the contract is usually only possible in three cases before the end of the loan commitment: You want to sell the property: has more information

If you want to terminate the loan agreement early, the borrower must pay a prepayment penalty. The debt rescheduling plan can be completed either at the end of the previous commitment period or years earlier.

In any case, rescheduling implies that the existing loan will not be renewed, but that the customer will choose a new property loan.

Fixed interest rate


If a loan with a fixed interest rate of more than ten years has been completed, the borrowers have the right to repay their loan prematurely within six months without the Bank being entitled to demand a prepayment penalty.

A loan for rescheduling interest rate fixation despite poor creditworthiness or unfavorable structure of the sheep

How do you get problems with debt restructuring? Are you planning to apply for a loan to reimburse you for any necessary repairs or large purchases such as mobile phones, cars or vacations? And besides, your credit rating is not good?

Maybe you also have a bad Credit Score entry? On this page, you will find useful hints on how to get cheap credit without running into expensive counterfeiting to reschedule fixed-income debt.

From time to time several highly paid payouts come at the same time and one has temporarily to fight with an economic bottleneck.

However, it is not always possible to demand from relatives or acquaintances a certain amount of money for a “debt restructuring”. A loan application to the in-house bank is unnecessary, simply because of the bad creditworthiness or a Credit Score entry.

Bad credit rating


Many do not know that – even with a bad credit rating and without Credit Score information, you can apply for a loan. Serious credit brokers working in close collaboration with foreign banks have also focused on lending to credit-critical borrowers. What advantages does a really good broker have for you?

The intermediary will especially accompany you in your search for a loan to the best of your knowledge and belief. The reputable intermediary advises you on the financial offer, shows you the pros and cons and helps you to prepare the application documents. Since many intermediaries have good relationships with small banks, there is a great chance that they will negotiate favorable conditions for debt rescheduling.

In the case of smaller credit institutions, the creditworthiness check of an applicant is still largely carried out by hand, so that the intermediary, for example, a negative entry in the control center can understand. Therefore, such a credit entry is not as important as a large bank where such a process is almost completely automatic.

If such a loan application for debt restructuring were made by an established house bank, it would be almost 100% unlikely to work.

The two credit institutions have focused primarily on issues such as debt rescheduling and fixed interest rates. The serious mediator will always act in your favor when it comes to rescheduling.

A serious intermediary can be recognized by the following criterion: More and more people are lending to foreign lenders, because they plan a longer holiday trip, want to work or generally aim for a new car. The popularity of the Internet is increasing among people to lend money from foreign banks, which is why the domestic financial institution is being used less and less.

The choice of a financial institution in Germany and abroad has the advantage that the credit guidelines there are much less complicated than for German banks.

Rescheduling a weak credit rating


When rescheduling a weak credit rating or a bad entry in the Credit Score plays only a minor role. Such online loans are generally enforced in Switzerland in Switzerland.

The rescheduling makes it particularly difficult for this group of people to obtain debt. Private individuals, who need a mortgage loan because they find themselves in a difficult economic situation, often have a hard time.

The poor creditworthiness or indebtedness significantly affects the affordability. In such situations, a Swiss loan offer can be a real alternative.

It is a document of a Swiss financial service provider. They do not do a Credit Score search, which makes finding loans a lot easier. This is a big plus in debt restructuring. But even with Swiss institutions, you can not find a lender without a certain credit check. The Swiss house bank also requires proof of income and securities from you.

With acceptable creditworthiness, the Swiss lending business is a real alternative for debt consolidation, even if you have a negative scuba entry.

What do you have to look out for when rescheduling fixed income debt? First of all, the loan repayment rates should be as low as possible. With sufficient flexibility of the loan, you will have much less difficulty with the payout.

Debt restructuring

Debt restructuring

All this must bring a sustainable financing option on the subject of debt restructuring. In principle, the principle must be observed: the funds need to be calculated as accurately as possible in the planning phase with regard to the rescheduling of the interest rates.

If possible, the required amount should not exceed the specified limit. If you need a mortgage loan, you should evaluate your financial position objectively and control the income and expenditure precisely – even when it comes to rescheduling.

It is important to deal with all information about your creditworthiness as well as your own financial situation – especially regarding rescheduling, fixed interest rates, all information about your creditworthiness as well as your own financial situation – correctly, honestly and completely honestly. Anyone who follows these instructions and acts as a reliable business partner should not stumble in the way.